The Traditional Themes for Every Anniversary Year

Everyone had so much fun at your big wedding reception that they want to do it again! Luckily, they will get their chance at your anniversary celebrations! Whether it’s your 1st year “Paper” party, or your grand 50th “Golden” gala, you want to make sure everyone has a wonderful time and your special day is marked in style!

The key to any great party is hiring a great caterer. Find one that can do all the food as well as the settings, like glassware hire Perth who can make sure everything is perfect from the napkins to the canapés!

Now, let’s go over the classic traditional themes based on the number of years married. These were originally meant to have an effect on the kind of gifts you receive, but it’s best to play a little loose with that as it’s not really fair to ask every guest to bring a real precious metal or stone, so be sure to let them know it’s the thought that counts, not the price! Click here for the pros and cons of online dating.

For example, on a “Sapphire’ year bring a gift that’s blue, a red gift for “Ruby”, and so on!

Here’s the list:

  • 1 Year Anniversary – Paper: Paper symbolises a clean slate you can write your future story on.
  • 5 Year Anniversary – Wood: Wood represents the roots and branches of your growing love.
  • 10 Year Anniversary – Tin: Tin is a metal that never rusts and will stand the test of time.
  • 20 Year Anniversary – China: China represents the fragile nature of love that must be handled with care.
  • 25 Year Anniversary – Silver: Silver symbolizes durability, strength, and a shining beauty.
  • 30 Year Anniversary – Pearl: Pearls take time to grow, they represent the joy of a long-lasting love.
  • 35 Year Anniversary – Coral: Coral is a symbol of steady growth, its red colour denotes lasting passion.
  • 40 Year Anniversary – Ruby: Rubies are red because they contain love’s eternal flame within.
  • 45 Year Anniversary – Sapphire: Sapphires are true blue, a symbol of sincerity and enduring faith.
  • 50 Year Anniversary – Gold: Gold, nothing glitters like it, the symbol of a love that has prospered.
  • 55 Year Anniversary – Emerald: Emeralds are the green of an endless spring, a love that never dies.
  • 60 Year Anniversary – Diamond: Diamonds, stronger than steel, guard the pure flame of perfect love!

-If you make it farther than 60 then good on you, and just choose whatever you fancy! If it were you, I would take top-shelf booze and a fine cigar, at that point what have you got to lose?

These lovely themes can also be reflected in the style of everything that goes into the party, from the invitations to the place settings, and the decorations. You can also pick a venue that has a connection to the theme’s material or colour, like a green lawn or forest for “Emerald”, a seaside cabana for “Pearl”, and so on, use your imagination and have fun!

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